Lighter Was Invented Before Matchbox

lighter and match

Yes that was true Lighter was invented before matchbox, it may sound little crazy.

The matches invented in 1827 by an English chemist John Walker. Earlier to ignite the matchstick people used the fire, later on, they ignite with the rough surface.

But the cigarette lighter was invented in 1816 which is eleven years earlier to the matchbox. German chemist J.W.Dodereiner made the first lighter. After the invention of lighter, it was named as Dodereiner’s lamp.

The idea behind the invention of matches came from the ancient man who used two stones to make fire, rubbing action( called friction) which creates more heat than any.

Some other interesting facts:

  • safety match sticks head made of potassium chloride, when this is rubbed on the phosphorus rough surface it creates a frictional heat, this small amount of heat is enough for potassium chloride mixture to ignite.
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